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Local Charity Spotlight – Nana’s House

This month we have an amazing opportunity to team up with Nana’s House!  Nana’s House is a group children’s home for neglected, abused, needy, or abandoned children ages 0 – 18. They provide a healthy, safe, loving home to children who have been found in unsafe family environments until their natural home is stabilized or until permanent care can be arranged.

Nana’s House does not receive state funding. They are a community funded children’s home by people like you – individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations. They are a 501c3 tax exempt, non-profit public charity.  Therefore, all donations are tax deductible.

Nana’s House is a 100% volunteer based organization.  Let’s pull together as a community and help these children!  We’ll be collecting donations at our June 1st bout on the behalf of Nana’s House.  They accept all kinds of donations including diapers, toilet paper, mosquito spray, grocery gift cards and so much more! There are even opportunities for you to use your talents to fill some of their larger needs. Here is a link to their needed items list:

Children are our future, and we are a strong community so let’s help this wonderful organization! Thank you in advance for all of your donations!

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